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When Slim-Fit Isn't Slim Enough...
Tall Slender Boy Slim-Fit Jean Shorts
Boys and Girls

Denim Shorts

Built Extra Long and Extra Lean
Khaki and Black

Uniform Pants

Boys and Girls Ultra Slim-Fit Twill Pants with Adjustable Waist

When Slim-Fit Isn't Slim Enough

If regular slims don't fit, we're your solution. We build sizes that don't exist.

How We Are Different

Extra Slim Kids Pants for Built for a Thin Child / Pants for Peanuts

Our Build

Our pants are longer and leaner than other brands. 

Elastic Adjustable Waist Pants for Kids / Pants for Peanuts

Adjustable Waist

All pants have an elastic adjustable waist.

Ageless Sizing Pants - Measure to Order / Pants for Peanuts

Ageless Sizing

Order by Color. Not by Age. 

size range: toddler to 14 years ]

Measure to Order

Just 3 Measurements: Waist, Hip & Inseam

How to Measure

Our Pants are Unique.

See what makes us different.

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Pants with Added Length for Tall Skinny Kids
Kids Slim-Fit Pants

Built Extra Long and Extra Lean

Extra Tall Pants for Thin Children / Pants for Peanuts

Super Slim
Denim Jeans

Built Extra Long and Extra Lean
Extra Slim-Fit Pants for Tall Skinny Boys
Boys and Girls

Extra Slim
Denim Jeans

Built Extra Long and Extra Lean
Adjustable Waist Khaki Slim-Fit Kids Twill Uniform Pants / Pants for Peanuts
Gender Neutral

Ultra Slim
Twill Uniform Pants

Built Extra Long and Extra Lean
Elastic Adjustable Waist Pants for Kids / Pants for Peanuts
Kids Ultra Slim-Fit

Adjustable Waist Pants


We just got our first order today. I almost cried. These are pants I have been searching for! My peanut has always had baggy pants. And I was SO NERVOUS to start the cool weather because her 2T is way too short, but 3T literally fell off of her. I didn't know what we were going to do. A little bit of digging and I found you. I can't thank you enough for making the pants I have been dreaming of making for a few years.


Every time we went clothes shopping she asked for jeans like everyone else's, we just couldn't find any that fit. She loves her Pants for Peanuts jeans! It's amazing how a pair of jeans can mean so much to a little person simply because they've never had any. 


This is an AMAZING company which has worked hard to bring a fantastic product to the marketplace. My son is 6, has the waist size of 3T/4T but needs at least the length of a size 5. We are both excited to have a pair of great fitting pants! 
#34pounds  #stripeA


Finally!!! We are so excited for these jeans by Pants for Peanuts! We have had such a hard time finding clothes (especially pants) that fit her 12/18 month waist and 3T length. These pants are fitted by measurements not age. No more “pants” that fit like capris with socks and boots to cover the gap haha


Eekk! We just received our first pair of pants for our son and I couldn't wait to try them on him! First, the shipping was incredibly fast, just 3 days since I ordered them! I have never found a pair of pants that fit so well! My son didn't want to take them off once he got them on! I will definitely be ordering more soon! I hope in time you will get different colors/washes! Thanks so much!


Finally pants that fit my daughter just right! They are soft also which is a plus for her bc she has problems with tags and fabrics. Thanks so much! We love our new pants!


Finally found pants that fit! I know there will be so many parents that will be grateful. Thank you for creating these and putting your story out there. ♥️


You are meeting a need I’d almost given up hope for! Thank you, THANK YOU! My granddaughter wanted jeans “like the other kids,” but never had a pair that didn’t fall off her. My daughter measured her, I ordered Size Peach A, and voila! A miracle happened! She is over the moon with her very first pair of jeans that FIT HER PERFECTLY! It brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to the face of this nearly 5-yr old and her mom! (I just order 2 more for her!). A grateful grandma!