• When Slim-Fit Isn't Slim Enough
  • Extra Slim-Fit Pants for Children
  • Extra Slim-Fit Pants for Children
Why Pants for Peanuts?

Why Pants for Peanuts?

This project is near and dear to my heart. My daughter was three pounds at birth – she is still my little peanut. Since day one, she has struggled to catch up. Finding pants that fit is a real problem. As a parent, I know the frustration. Shopping for clothing should be fun, not stressful! It is my goal to tackle this issue with a line of pants for kiddos low on the growth curve.

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Measurement Survey

Measurement Survey

We need your help! We're collecting measurements and your feedback. If you would please take a few minutes of your time to fill out our online survey, we'd would greatly appreciate it! Without your child's measurements, this would not be possible! You're not only helping your child, but other children in need as well.

Online Survey

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How are our pants different?

  • Extra, Extra Slim Fit

    Our pants are made to fit children who aren't defined by the typical slim-child profile. We build sizes that don't exist. For example, if your child needs a newborn waist and a 2T length, we offer that. This proportion continues with all of our sizes.

  • Adjustable Waist

    We offer an adjustable waist to help with fit. Since our pants are slimmer than most — this reduces the amount fabric bulge which often happens with other brands. 

  • Adjustable Length

    We add a two inch cuff at the bottom of our pants to allow for growth and flexibility with fit.

  • Ageless Sizing

    Our most unique feature: Ageless Sizing. No more guesswork. We require just two simple measurements: waist and inseam. Measure. Order. Wear.

Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie

Hi! I’m Natalie, the owner. 👋  I am just a mom trying to make life a little easier for parents facing the same struggle. My goal is to make shopping for pants for our extra slim kiddos simple: Measure. Order. Wear. No more guessing. No more hunting. No more returning (hopefully).

My blog has a little bit of everything…ranging from keeping up on our progress to feeding tips to parenting.
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