Loose Pants on Skinny Toddler / Pants for Peanuts

baggy pants.

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Tall Skinny Boy with Pants Too Short / Pants for Peanuts


Our ankles are cold.
Ultra Slim-Fit Pants for Tall & Thin Children / Pants for Peanuts
Pants for Peanuts

When Slim-Fit Isn't
Slim Enough

If regular slims don't fit, we're your solution. We build sizes that don't exist.

How We Are Different

Extra Slim Kids Pants for Built for a Thin Child / Pants for Peanuts

Our Build

Our pants are longer and leaner than other brands. All sizes come in multiple lengths.

Ageless Sizing Pants - Measure to Order / Pants for Peanuts

Ageless Sizing

Comparing your child's size against their peers is a struggle. That's why we offer sizing without age.

size range: toddler to 14 years ]

Measure to Order / Ageless Sizing for Kids Slim-Build Trousers / Pants for Peanuts

Measure to Order

Just 3 Measurements: Waist, Hip & Inseam

This takes the guesswork out of getting the right fit.