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As parents, we know how frustrating it can be to shop for slim-fit pants for kids. Every brand runs different, it can be an impossible challenge to find the right fit. We cater to the extra lean child. Our pants are built extra long and extra lean — When Slim-Fit Isn’t Slim Enough
In 2019, we launched with our first product: extra slim-fit denim jeans for boys and girls. All of our jeans feature a two inch cuff allowing room for growth and flexibility with fit. Plus, they have an elastic adjustable waist and a hook-and-eye closure for easy, independent use.
Our sizing is unique. Our smallest size fits a newborn waist paired with a twelve-month length. You won’t find this anywhere else. Because of our unique build we offer ageless sizing.

What is ageless sizing? 

Traditional children’s brands size by age —  not us — we size by color. This requires you to measure your child, helping get the fit right the first time.

We are a small, young business with a lot of growing to do. We want to expand our line, offering more styles for your peanuts.


Coming Soon: Slim-Fit Uniform Pants for Tall and Skinny Boys and Girls / Pants for Peanuts

We’re excited to announce we will be offering children’s slim-fit twill pants. Coming January 2021! These will boast the same great fit as our denim jeans, they will still have a two-inch cuff and elastic adjustable waist. Whether you call them dress, uniform pants or chinos, our gender-neutral pants will be perfect for your boy or girl.




 Survey Questions

Future Product Surveys

We want to hear from you! If you’re interested in athletic, leggings, short or skirts please fill out a short survey for each style you’re interested in.

Athletic PantsAthletic Pants

Tall skinny boys and girls want to be comfy too! We want to develop elastic-waist athletic pants built for tall toddlers and up. There are so many styles of athletic pants, let us know what you want. 
Slim-Fit Athletic Pants for Tall and Skinny Kids - Survey












Whether it’s leggings or jeggings, we want to know what style you want for your tall and slender girl — get your vote in!

Leggings for Tall and Skinny Little Girls








Slim-Fit Boys and Girls Shorts - Survey


Summer is great for thin kids because shorts usually solve the high water debacle. However, finding shorts that are long enough can be a challenge. Interested in appropriate-length shorts? Take this brief survey...

Slim-Fit Shorts for Tall & Slender Boys and Girls





Slim-Fit Little Girls Skirt - Survey


See shorts above.👆The struggle is real. When you have a tall, slim little girl, shopping for appropriate-length skirts can be time-consuming. If this sounds familiar, let us know what styles you’re interested in.

Slim-Fit skirts for tall and slender little girls








Thank you for taking the time to vote! We appreciate your feedback.

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