Pants for Peanuts

Our First Month in Business

Why I started a business for skinny kids who need extra slim fit pants.
Even if we never meet or get to exchange stories, know that your story is my reason. I'm just a mom who wants to make a small difference.

Getting Ready for Testing ALL Sizes!

Testing all sizes
Shipping off our wash instructions and "ageless sizing" ribbons to our manufacturer this week for testing!

Measurements with Meaning

Measurements with Meaning
This is more than a business for me. It's emotional. It's personal. I want to help in the smallest way I can...

Peanut Prototype

Slim-Fit Adjustable Waist Pants for Kids
We know children often grow taller before wider - no more floods or over cinching at the waist. 

Where it all began...

Where it all began...
I have often wondered what other parents do in this situation. I realize sewing isn't a common skill these days. Why would you, when you can go out and buy clothes so easily? Oh, wait. That word easily. Not the case for us, right? Well, that's what lead me to start Pants for Peanuts. It is my hope to help parents who find themselves in this situation.