Measurements with Meaning

Today I sat down in front of my computer to look at the data I've collected from our survey responses. 

My goal was to sit down and see if there truly is a need. I looked at the measurements parents have so graciously provided. I looked at their measurements in comparison to a popular brand of slim-fit skinny jeans. A few could potentially buy from them. Unless they're like my daughter...while she technically can fit them, they just look sloppy.

I hate how "skinny" she looks in them. My daughter is not sick. She may not grow at a normal rate, but she is healthy. (I am so grateful for that!) I don't want people to look at her and think she is "sickly" only because her clothes don't fit right. As I was reading through the measurements...kiddos measuring a 14" waist at age 18 months...the smallest waist size available was 18.5"! — That's 4 INCHES! — and that was intended for a 6 month old! The further I went down the list, I struggled to focus. I remember feeling so alone in my fears when my daughter was that age. (She's now 4). 

The tears rolled. 

This is more than a business for me. It's emotional. It's personal. I want to help in the smallest way I can...

Thank you!! 

💙💚 Natalie


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  • MaryAnn

    Where do I go to find the size button to enter my child’s measurements?
    I have already set up an account.
    Thank you.

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