Peanut Prototype

My first step to starting Pants for Peanuts...was making a prototype. I am no expert seamstress or pattern maker. But I had to start somewhere. I started by making two patterns — One for a denim jean that would be gender-neutral and age-appropriate across the board. Second option —a simple, stretchy knit pant with an elastic waist for comfort and multiple uses.  I needed a visual to relay my ideas for our first product line. Both feature an adjustable elastic waist and inner lining to allow the pants to be cuffed at the bottom. This will give a little flexibility with fit, all of our kiddos range in size. We know children often grow taller before wider - no more floods or over cinching at the waist. We are a real solution for the extra lean child.


"To be successful, you have to  have your heart in your  business and your business in your heart".

—Thomas J. Watson


💙💚 Natalie

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Pants for Peanuts | When Slim-Fit Isn't Slim Enough

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