Pants for Peanuts

Wine for Your Whiner

Tips and tricks to getting your child to drink more fluids!
It may be a little unconventional. But sometimes momma likes to have a glass of wine with dinner. My kids are always so curious about what's in mommy's glass. They know it's a special off limits grownup drink. 

Warm Milk & Honey

Calorie boosting tip for kids
I'm always looking for ways to add calories to my daughter's diet...Happy Calorie Boosting!

Same Portions. Smaller Vessels.

Getting your kids to eat more and gain weight.
...makes a meal interesting and different for your picky eater.

Got Milk? How About a Dose of Dairy?

Tips for helping your toddler gain weight
...I feel like I have to literally do dog and pony tricks to get my daughter to eat and drink.